Phygital and roadshows, between the two dimensions to master the event in our era

A happy wedding guaranteed for your events

Phygital is the bridge between the real and digital worlds, retail and digital, face-to-face and online for events. It’s an opportunity to get the best of both worlds and a capacity to position oneself in the right place in our time, and for the future. A skill to be developed for brands or a strategic asset acquired for others. In terms of communication, phygital is a real innovation and a space for animation in the communication of brands and their events.

Roadshows, which generate emotions, are ideal tools for organizing events as part of a phygital strategy, with event tours as close as possible to their audience or in new locations. The creative potential of a roadshow becomes limitless by using the benefits of digital and face-to-face to effectively target an audience during an event.

With a unique, duplicated or diversified structure, roadshows offer the flexibility to reach a target that diversifies in its geographical location and expectations. An event tour will also optimize costs while allowing brands to speak in an innovative and creative way during their events.

An efficient animation to generate highly qualified traffic on the event site and online.

Some examples of animation and communication operations

Phygital competitions are a very good example of events to realize, just like a streamer on Twitch playing video games, an equipment manufacturer, competition organizer can organize a competition accessible online and in real time. Thus occupying both dimensions of its audience during its event, before, during and after the announced dates. Optimization of content sharing, increased visibility for partners and sponsors. A few examples with e-cycling, where during an event athletes perform a virtual cycling competition remotely like during the virtual Tour de France, the Digital Swiss 5.

The organization of a phygital event via roadshows is also an opportunity to generate “happening“. For example, soliciting the community and having them vote for the city that will host a stage of a roadshow, with the promise of an unforgettable event. An opportunity for brands to generate strong engagement and intense interactions with their target.

Within the framework of internal communication for large companies, the realization of a roadshow through the different sites of the group, broadcasted online, answered the needs of development of internal exchanges and interactions. Indeed, each employee could discover the activities of his colleagues where the roadshow had stopped and could then interact with them. Even for internal communication purposes initiated by HR departments, phygital is an effective strategy with the commoditization of online communications.

Phygital and roadshows, an event-based logic for innovation

The phygital is a logic that must be mastered by event organizers, an evolution that reconciles digital and real, highlighting the challenges of each dimension. Phygital is also a powerful leverage to boost the potential of events and the expected KPI’s. 

Between these dimensions, the variety of vehicles available for roadshow’s multiplies the possibilities of event innovation, a way for brands to show their anchorage in our time and the future when they speak, directly to their audience.  A trend that is accelerating with the arrival of 5G.