One of our most unique models is the M-GLASS, with its fully glazed and transparent rear area. A unique vehicle on the market, which arouses the creativity of our customers and new roadshow opportunities. The M-GLASS also stands out as a modern version of Citroën’s legendary HY truck

Allowing for effortless deployment in a variety of locations, the M-GLASS unfolds in minutes. At the rear, its access via a staircase offers a space with numerous electrical outlets and the possibility of adapting the lighting and the interior design. 



11 m²


15 mn


2,9 tonnes


With almost 11m² and a payload of 500kg, the M-GLASS is a great communication tool for TV studios to create a mobile and eye-catching brand universe. Roof panels can be unfolded and customized for even more visibility during your roadshow

Always concerned about the quality of our vehicles to optimize the quality of your events, the M-GLASS is a perfect example of the solutions that inspires EVENT IN MOTIONS to make your communication always more effective and creating value.