S - 30 Merchandising


The S30 merchandiser range is a trailer dedicated to your merchandising operations. More sales volumes are possible thanks to its surface area of nearly 30m² and its 9 meters of shelf space. The S30 is the ideal tool for positioning in large crowds and positioning several checkout stations.

Entirely customizable, the S30 range can be easily positioned and moved in the different locations of your roadshow. Ideal for your operations requiring flexibility, in the city, in the mountains or near the sea!



30 m²


15 mn

Shelf Space

9 meters


Beyond the merchandising purpose, the S30 offers a complete and efficient covering surface with its side and roof panels. The interior furniture is adapted for storage and display of products, as well as its large spaces for exchange with customers.

The S30 range is one of our large mobile merchandising solutions that can be used in all types of events and towed by clean vehicles. EVENT IN MOTIONS can help you optimize your event strategies, with the S30 it’s an opportunity to convert your audience and distribute your products.