Motions - 20


The MOTIONS – 20 range can be driven with a B licence, thus allowing great flexibility and autonomy in the organisation of your event campaign. Use the MOTIONS – 20 yourself, in complete autonomy, or leave it at the disposal of your teams. We will provide training to explain how to unfold the vehicle 

The MOTIONS-20 can be unfolded in just a few minutes, allowing it to be deployed in a variety of locations and without effort. The opportunity to immerse your visitors in the world of your brand, thanks to its 15 m² surface area that can be customised and converted



15 m²


15 mn


3,5 tonnes


Becoming flexible, autonomous with your event vehicle has never been easier with the MOTIONS-20. To develop the notoriety of your brand or as a mobile office, sales space, mobile showroom, it is the flexible opportunity to be innovative by going out to meet your customers

Always concerned about the quality of our vehicles to optimise the quality of your events, the MOTIONS-20 is a perfect example of the solutions that inspire EVENT IN MOTIONS to make your communication ever more effective and value-creating