Motions - 21


The M21 range can be driven with a “B” license, allowing great flexibility and autonomy in the organization of your event campaign. You can use the M21 yourself or leave it at the disposal of your teams. We will provide a training to explain the unfolding of the vehicle. 

For flexible roadshows, the M21 is ideal for meeting your audience over long distances and at trade shows. No more technical constraints with the M21 for your event projects!



9 m²


5 mn


3,5 tonnes


Simple, fast installation, autonomy, qualities necessary in the event industry, missions fulfilled by the MOTIONS-21. The possible combinations with the M21 are multiplied for your event campaigns. The M21 is entirely customizable and can be fitted out according to your creativity, thanks to its payload of nearly 700kg.

Always concerned about the quality of our vehicles to optimize the quality of your events, the M21 is a perfect example of the solutions that inspires EVENT IN MOTIONS to make your communication always more effective and creating value