Citroën TYPE-H


The Citroen Type-H Foodtruck is the modern version of the famous Citroen HY. Available in very few copies in Europe, this version knows how to be noticed and attract the eyes on your brand. The TYPE-H is available in foodtruck version with equipment that can be adapted to your project

Available for rent at EVENT IN MOTIONS, this rare version can be entirely customized with your brand’s colors by our teams. To combine modernity and authenticity is the first quality of the CITROÊN TYPE H while remaining a modern and powerful vehicle to optimize your operations



10 m²


10 mn




Based on a Jumpy chassis and vehicle, the TYPE-H foodtruck consists of a modern HY fairing placed on the original vehicle. Produced in a limited number of units in Europe, the H-TYPE is rare and therefore an opportunity to stand out. 

The CITROEN TYPE-H foodtruck illustrates the will of EVENT IN MOTIONS to bring innovative solutions for our customers, in order to optimize their operations and generate emotion on the road through their events.