The B-80 is a podium truck for your biggest events, from awards ceremonies to TV/radio shows and concerts. Perfectly at home in these situations, the B-80 offers a stage of up to 30m², an impressive LED screen and a glassed-in VIP area in the dressing room

Set up in just a few minutes, the B-80 is a regular fixture at sporting events, street concerts and TV radio shows. It can easily be fitted with a sound and lighting system. Once covered with your choice of stickers, the B-80 is sure to attract the full attention of spectators.



65 m²






The B-80 can be customized in your station’s colors, and can be moved several times during the week, depending on your schedule, thanks to our teams. For your morning shows, concerts, or coverage of special events in France and abroad, we can help you organize your project.

Bringing new solutions to our customers is a constant concern, and the B-80 is a solution for immersing yourself and broadcasting content at the heart of events.

For EVENT IN MOTIONS, taking you to your audience is part of our DNA.